2017 Korean American Festival of O.C.

Oct. 20th Fri - Oct. 22nd Sun

About Korean American Festival of O.C.

Korean American Festival of Orange County

With its home-like environment, rigorous academic schools, and engaging entertainment, Orange County, CA has had people settling in this very neighborhood for years.

In particular, Orange County Garden Grove is now home to the Korean American Festival - a multicultural event in which diversity is embraced and cherished.

This year specifically, we are proud to say that the Korean American Festival Foundation unites people in order to foster and advocate the Korean culture throughout Orange County. We put forward our love and dedication as we showcase Korea’s culture and tradition to the rest of the community.

Thus, the festival will be the pride and joy of our Koreans world wide.

Orange County Korean American Community

The Korean American population in Orange County alone consists of 90,000 people among 500,000 Korean Americans in California.

Thousands of Korean American businesses flourish within Garden Grove’s city limit. Within its boundaries lie the Korean Business District where hundreds of people are employed and over 1,800 people enjoy the opulence of what Garden Grove has to offer.

Orange County is proud to be the home of the multinational company Disney as well as house companies such as Kia, Samsung and Hyundai. Additionally, our proximity to the ocean provides a clean environment.

Greetings from the President

I am honored to present the Korean American Festival of Orange County, marking the 113th anniversary of Korean immigration.

This festival is open to all ethnics and its mission is to uphold Korea’s rich history while sharing the culture with all of Orange County. I am proud to say that we are participating on the open space of Garden Grove with all of the immigrants in the community. Throughout the span of 20 years, we will create a second Koreatown which already shows signs of prosperity as politicians and entrepreneurs rise from the heart of OC itself. Due to such a strong, successful foundation, we will continue to grow and advance the development of Korean Americans.

This year, in efforts to cultivate our ever growing community and to gather our collective strength to make this a global festival that unites all people, the Korean American Festival will have each organization and festival partner to commit and directly participate in this annual celebration.

I want to extend my appreciation to our donors, sponsors, and the multiple organizations and associations that actively participated. I would also like to express my gratitude towards the Korean government, each Asian community, and everyone in the Chamber of Commerce. May the grace of God be with you.

Korean American Festival Foundation
President Bong Nam Cho

2017 Korean American Festival of O.C.

Oct. 20th Fri - Oct. 22nd Sun

9772 Garden Grove Blvd Garden Grove CA 92844